Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stay awake by chewing Kola Nut

Kola nut is called "Oji" in Igbo land of Nigeria. It is both important for customary celebrations as well as helping the physical body in combating sleep in a very natural way. Kola nut is produced by kola nut plant which grows as a big tree in tropical forested region of West Africa. This kola nut can be eaten by anyone and it has no side effect under normal circumstance. Apart from the fact that it is used symbolically in Igbo land, I use it to keep myself awake any day I miss my sleep or if I want to stay awake to do some pressing assignment. I recommend the kola nut to people who drink coffee in order to stay up to work. Kola nut has greater advantage over coffee because its action is very natural and not noticeable while for some people such as me would have headache as the after effect of coffee drinking. Kola Nut comes in different color but more predominantly in two colors as shown here. There are two types of Kola nuts namely Kola Acuminata and Kola Nitida which translate to Oji Igbo and Gworo respectively. It is interesting to know that both do the same work but both cannot in their essence represent true meaning of what kola nut or Oji Igbo is used traditionally for, in Igbo land. I am not trying to delve into traditional implication of kola nut here but if you are interested in knowing more about the Kola Nut leave a comment or email me.
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